We are still here!

In case you’ve been wondering… yes, we are still alive and well here in England! I know it’s been a little quiet on this end. We’ve been taking it easy these first two weeks… settling into our new home, getting our internal clocks adjusted, getting to know the area, and so on. However, as of this Thursday (June 23rd), it will be full speed ahead for the ministry! So, expect more updates, more often!

A few tidbits just for fun…

  • So far the EASIEST thing has been: Feeling welcome and at home. Really… everyone has been so kind and, as I mentioned in our update upon arrival, the effort and thoughtfulness that went into the preparation for our arrival and our tiny home here was simply overwhelming. It made the transition SO very easy. THANK YOU again to our Soul’s Harbour leadership and family for blessing us so abundantly.
  • So far the HARDEST thing has been: Buying laundry detergent. I know… seems silly, but seriously, I must have spent 20 minutes staring at the options (and there weren’t very many in the small store here), trying to decipher the packages. I mean, it was in English and yet it made no sense to me, oddly enough! I even enlisted the help of two clerks and we still couldn’t figure out how to correlate it to something “American”. So, I finally decided it just shouldn’t be that hard and just grabbed something I liked the look of (and was mostly convinced didn’t have any bleach in it)! As it turned out, our clothes are clean and smell nice (and aren’t bleached), so mission accomplished! 

Well, this is just a short update, but there will be more - lots more - very soon. Thank you SO very much to all of you who are supporting us financially and through prayer. We could never find words to express the depth of our gratitude. It is truly an honor and privilege to be able to answer God’s call and YOU are making it possible. We take this assignment seriously and know that your support puts you on the front lines with us. We will be doing all that we can to be good stewards and make the very most of the ministry opportunities God provides.

Blessings & more to come soon,

Connie, Trevor & Brooklyn

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