We are here! We are here! We are here!!

Did you see the movie Horton Hears a Who? At the end when all the tiny Whos are yelling with all their might… “We are here! We are here! We are here!!”… that’s what keeps running through my head!

What a great adventure has begun! We left Houston around 3:45pm on Tuesday, 6/7 and landed in London around 7:00am (London time) on Wednesday 6/8 (about 1:00am Houston time). The flight crew was able to accommodate our request to put Trev’s two guitars in the first class closet; it was a relief to know they were safe inside the plane. Then within minutes of landing, the Lord’s favor further manifested. When we reached customs, there were literally HUNDREDS of people lined up to go through. Several large tour groups, families, business travelers and the like… the line kept getting longer and longer. It was mind-boggling. We stood there realizing it could be hours before we made it through, and wondered if our luggage (including some of Trev’s very expensive guitar equipment) would still be waiting for us by that time. Then a soft-spoken older gentlemen who worked for the airport walked by and pulled us to the side and asked us to wait. We got kind-of nervous. It was about 20 minutes before he came back for us, and we watched the line slowly move forward while we just stood to the side and waited. But then he came for us and took us past hundreds of people to the VERY front of the line. We aren’t exactly sure why… he mentioned something about our little one. We weren’t the only ones with a small child, but we were the only one’s pulled to the side that we could see. THANK YOU, Lord! All of our luggage was still there and by the time we got through, we only had to wait about 10 minutes before David Flanders pulled up for us at 9:00am! The timing was perfect!

After our 9 1/2 hour plane ride, we had about a 4 hour drive to Camelford. A huge ‘thank you’ to David for driving all the way to London that morning to pick us up and drive us back to Camelford. Upon arrival, we were delirious from exhaustion and jet lag. We stopped for some ‘fish & chips’ to go (yum!!!), then David and his lovely wife Joy ushered us into the apartment that had been prepared for our arrival. We had no specific expectations… just gratefulness to know we’d have a place to stay to help us get on our feet once here. However, the family of Soul’s Harbour Church, has been working diligently for months and especially in the last few weeks, to make this the perfect starter home. Words can’t describe how overwhelming it was to walk in. Such attention to every last detail… especially the effort that was put into tiny touches just for Brooklyn. She was welcomed by a perfect tiny bed, as pink as can be, with a box of toys at the foot of the bed and a tiny little puppy (her favorite) on the pillow. Even the towels and dishes (which are lovely) included a special set just for her. The apartment (or “flat” if I were to use the proper term), is fully furnished with new furniture and appliances, stocked with the basics and decorated perfectly. In short, it’s just right and immediately felt like home. God is SO good and the folks here have blessed us immensely already.

We are taking our first two weeks here to get acclimated. We’ll find our way around the area (learn bus routes and all), learn the town, figure out things like bank accounts and doctors and so on. Then, we’ll jump in neck-deep and get busy serving David Flanders, serving the ministries of Soul’s Harbour and doing whatever else the Lord puts before us here. We’ll be keeping you updated as we go and are deeply grateful for your prayer and support, which is making all of this possible!

Blessings and more to come soon!

- Connie, Trevor & Brooklyn

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