Target (Mar 2017)

The last week has been a whirlwind. When we first heard direction from the Lord to return to England, we were unsure of the timing. We just knew that He had said we’d be going back. The thing is, if you don’t have a target or a goal, you won’t get anywhere. So, the Holy Spirit nudged us to set a target. In fact, He did one better! He removed a significant source of worry from our hearts that had hindered the very idea of a target, and He replaced it with peace to move ahead in absolute faith with complete trust in God alone.

Sooooo… our target is August. Of this year. (Yikes!) Now that target is moveable if God so desires, but for us, for now, it’s what we’re shooting for.


Just as there were practical things that drove our timing to return from England the first time, similar factors are at play here. For example, the 2017/18 school term begins in Cornwall in early September. AND the cheapest flights we’ve seen to England in ages are in early to mid-August. Beyond those things, getting through the summer allows us to finish up some key projects at the Bridge and transition responsibilities. Oh and in the meantime, we also need to sell our house, car, most of our furniture and household items, apply for visas, raise a financial support base, rehome our two kitties, and the list goes on.


Now, to say pulling this off in 5 months (yikes again!) is going to be easy would be a big, fat lie! In fact, there is very little about this whole thing that is easy. But where’s the faith in “easy?” (Oh yeah, I went there.) Seriously though, if it were easy, wouldn’t it then be something we could manage on our own? Wouldn’t it then be something that we could pursue on our terms, paving our own path with no great need to lean deeply into the Lord? On the flipside, the reality is that without God’s peace, direction, provision and favor, there is no way this thing is happening. And, you know… that’s exactly how it should be.


I’m trying to keep our blogs short(ish), so there’s a better chance you’ll read them! Haha! But stay tuned… our next update will come very soon and will cover the details on how our family will be serving and ministering in the UK.


Blessings and more to come soon!


The Smiths // UK for Jesus

{Trevor, Connie, Brooklyn & Lincoln}


p.s. So many of you have been so very encouraging to us since our announcement. You’ve shared touching sentiments toward our family, promised prayer or support for our mission and have made us feel so loved and appreciated. Thank you!

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