We Will Overcome (Original Song)

Song Written By: Trevor Smith
Performed by: Trevor Smith
Where: Camelford Cornwall
When: Feb 3rd, 2013

We Will Overcome

Verse 1:
The fall of man the act that cursed us all
Was broken by the blood upon the cross
Jesus paid it all,
That we might see the Son again
On that day when He returns

Verse 2:
I've searched but I can't seem to find the words
To thank you for the grace I don't deserve
You loved me,
Despite the things I did to separate me from You

We will stand victorious , We will bow before You
You are glorious, You are glorious
Death turned into perfect love
Past forgotten through Your love
You are Glorious, You are glorious

Verse 3:
Life will never be the same again
I've found freedom from the past and all its shame
Jesus rescued me,
And now I live to tell the world
How He has come to set us free
To set us free

We will overcome... By the blood of the Lamb

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