Our Mission

A 5000 mile move to follow God (again!).

WHO: Trevor, Connie, Brooklyn & Lincoln Smith

WHEN: UKFJ 1.0 was from June 2011 until December of 2013. We expect the 2017 transition -- what we're calling UKFJ 2.0 -- to be longer-term, if not permanent.

WHERE: Based in Cornwall, England reaching out across the entire UK.

WHAT: To serve, evangelize and teach.

WHY: To reach the upcoming generation with the pure Gospel and to help equip the local church to effectively impact their communities and disciple new believers.

HOW: Through the provision of the Lord and the generosity of His people.

OUR MISSION: God is once again sending our family to England to serve, evangelize and teach. True Christianity is on the very brink of extinction. If the upcoming generation is not reached for Jesus Christ, they and the future generations of the UK will be eternally lost.


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Name: UKFJ Staff
Phone: UK: 07853 607606 or 07853 604600
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