My Faulty Filter

We all have filters through which we see the world. Our upbringing, experiences and even some of the hardwiring of our personalities affect how we see, interpret and react to life - be it people, situations or God… especially God.

As my family is going through what is both the most exciting and stressful season of life that we have ever faced, I find myself making some assumptions about God. We keep going to Him in prayer, asking for help, for strength, for provision, for yet another confirmation that we are headed in the right direction. Then I think about my own sweet daughter, who will be 3 at the end of this month. She is still learning about patience and self-control. So when she really wants or needs something, she can be a bit overwhelming. Last night it was, “Find my unicorn, Mommy! Find it! Find it! Help me find it, Mommy! Find it! My unicorn!! Find it! Find it! Find it!! FIND IT!!!” Needless to say, within a few seconds I was annoyed and even a little frustrated that my toddler wasn’t applying her learnings from past situations when I’ve coached her to ask and wait patiently and then proved that I would come through for her. Sound familiar?

When I look at that situation in light of my own life, that’s how I often think God perceives me. He’s sitting up there shaking His head, saying, “Really?? Do you really need ‘more’ from me? Haven’t I given you plenty? Haven’t I always come through for you? Can’t you just give me a sec to breathe before you come needing something else?  You are exhausting me. Just give me a minute and I’ll get to it. Be patient. Please.”

This last Sunday during worship we sang the modern day classic “Everlasting God.”  I was on the platform with the team, singing the same words I’ve sung a hundred times but something struck me differently this time. When we got to the part that says, “You are the everlasting God, the everlasting God, You will not faint, You won’t grow weary…” I was suddenly overwhelmed to realize that God isn’t bothered at all by our needs. He’s a loving Father and loves for His children to come to Him with what they need, no matter what, no matter how often. My requests to Him are not draining Him of His patience or energy or ability to meet my needs. He is not overwhelmed. He is not annoyed. He is not frustrated. Quite the contrary. He is ready and waiting. His bucket of patience and provision is infinitely deep. Sure, He may choose to respond to my needs and requests in ways and timing other than I expect, but not because He’s too tired, busy or annoyed… but because He loves me more deeply than I could ever comprehend and He knows what is best for me, His precious child.

Ahhhhhh. That realization was freeing to me. I can now take that faulty filter and toss it. (And I hope you can, too!)


- Connie

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