Ministry Report – December 2011

This report provides an overview of our first 6 months as ministers in England and a quick look at what’s planned for the upcoming year!

It’s been a very busy 6 months! While moving so far from our home and family has been a challenge, God has clearly led us each step of the way. We have been warmly welcomed in England and have had all of our basic needs met and more. It has been an exciting adventure thus far, but we know this is only the beginning! With at least 2.5 years still ahead of us, we are eager to see what God has in store! Our objective is simply to continue to be obedient, serving Him diligently however He asks us to.

Our first six months have been primarily focused on building relationships and establishing a foundation of trust within the church and community. We are not in England to “Americanize” the church… we are there in obedience to God to serve Him and build His kingdom. This report highlights several of the ways our family is serving the ministry of Pastor David Flanders and the leadership of Souls Harbour Church, evangelizing the local community, and equipping the church and the upcoming generation of leaders by teaching about ministry through praise and worship.

We serve in England as volunteer ministers, fully funded by donations from individuals and organizations within the U.S. We are deeply grateful to those who have chosen to partner with us in ministry through prayer and financial support. Through you, God is providing the resources that make all of this possible… thank you! 

Thank you for your interest in what God is doing through this ministry. We appreciate your prayers and are honored to serve on the front lines. Blessings! 

-Trevor, Connie & Brooklyn Smith

  • Speaking, Preaching & Leading Worship (June – Nov 2011) – Trevor has been privileged to speak and/or preach at multiple events including special meetings, church services, area youth meetings and area pastors meetings. We have also led worship for many of these and other events. 
  • Technical & Logistical Support (June 2011/Ongoing) – Trevor was able to jump right in with some creative ideas to help solve several especially challenging technical and logistical issues for Souls Harbour. Ongoing, when technical issues arise (sound system, computers, internet, etc.), Trevor gets the call!
  • LED School Outreach (June/July 2011) – Trevor helped develop materials to promote this concert and assisted with the event, including meeting and praying with teens who responded to the Gospel. This was the first Christian event allowed in a local public school in over 20 years. Thirty students were saved and several of them continued through the Faithlauncher discipleship course and are actively involved in the church. Some are from unsaved families. 
  • Church Rebranding (July 2011) – At Pastor David’s request, Trevor worked with him to refresh Souls Harbour’s “identity” by developing an updated logo, color scheme and overall look that has been applied across all media: web, print, video, signs, etc. Changes like this compel the modern generation to give “church” a second look. 
  • Faithlauncher Discipleship Course (July/Aug 2011) – This 6-week course for new believers was developed by Pastor David and graphically revamped by Trevor. He is also developing, filming and editing a supplemental video series. He has fully digitized the course content which is now available online through the church’s website as a ready resource for new believers and churches around the world.
  • Creation Fest (Aug 2011) – We joined the prayer and ministry team for this large, annual Christian Music Festival and Bible Week that is held in a neighboring town. 
  • UKFJ School of Worship Teen Session (Aug 2011) – We created and led this 5-week summer session for teens to provide group training on praise and worship and being a true worshipper. We also provided individual and group musical coaching.  
  • UKFJ School of Worship Vocal Training (Sept 2011/Ongoing) – As a carryover from the summer session, Connie continues to provide professional vocal coaching to several teen girls. This is done free of charge as an outreach to invest in their development as singers and ministers. The first recital was this November. All of the students also participate in the church’s worship teams. 
  • New Church Website & Online Ministry Tools (Sept 2011) – Trevor worked tirelessly for the entire month of September to help Pastor David realize one of his longtime ministry goals: to effectively use the internet to spread the Gospel and to give new believers access to quality resources to help them grow in Christ. After fully redeveloping, the statistics tracker indicates that people from all over the world – including in countries that are closed to the Gospel – are regularly accessing the site, especially the resource material (preaching videos, the Faithlauncher course, etc.). 
  • Camelford Carnival Outreach (Oct 2011) – Trevor developed the materials to hand out to the crowd and our family participated in this community outreach. New children are now coming to the weekly Xbi Kid’s Club ministry because of this outreach.
  • Ministry Structure & Documentation (Nov 2011) – Preparing for our visit back to America over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays required massive preparation in the way of advance development (ex: graphics for Sunday announcements and special events for the next 7 weeks) and documentation (ex: central access to charts for the worship songs, etc.). Even though we are away, we are still keeping in touch and working on some projects, as we are able. The momentum of the ministry there is so strong… as wonderful as it is to be home with our dear family and friends, we are excited to go back and continue the tasks God has given us!
  • Discipleship & Mentoring (Ongoing) – We are so blessed that God would use us to speak into the lives of so many just through our everyday friendships and relationships with both believers and unbelievers. He is building strong connections that will last a lifetime, and the effects of which will be eternal. It is both exciting and humbling. Of course, we too are being deeply blessed and ministered to by so many people that God has brought into our lives during this new season. We are so grateful.
  • Ministry Networking (Ongoing) – Through Pastor David’s good name and extensive ministry network, Trevor has been honored to meet and make connections with many pastors and ministry leaders, including the head of the Assemblies of God for the West Country and Wales.
  • Christian Union in the Public School (Ongoing) – We are in the rotation for speaking at the weekly Christian Union meeting at the local secondary school (ages 11 to 16). This year it is being organized by two of the youth from Souls Harbour, with support from the church’s ministry staff. More Christian students are choosing to attend and the new believers from this summer are being bold and inviting their unsaved friends! Attendance is now averaging 10 to 15+… up from only 5 or 6 last year!
  • Souls Harbour Church Services & Events (Ongoing) – We are actively involved in nearly every aspect of ministry the church provides. Trevor designs all graphic and promotional material for services, events and outreaches and is involved in the planning and creative development of most outreaches and special events. Connie provides administrative support to Pastor David and Trevor and helps support or lead various events geared toward women and children. We also serve in practical ways, helping out around the premises.
  • Souls Harbour Worship Ministry (Ongoing) – At Pastor David’s request, we have taken a leadership role within the worship teams at the church. We are providing coaching to the leaders and team members, working to further develop their skills as singers and musicians and further their understanding of the purpose of worship and music ministry in the church.
  • Solid Rock Café (Ongoing) – Many of the teens saved over the summer are now bringing their unsaved friends to this popular Friday night hangout built onto the church. Trevor provides creative, graphic & manpower support to Pastor David and Steve Ovens (the youth pastor) for all café activities and the monthly Rock Central events, where teens enjoy special activities then are presented with the Gospel and given a chance to respond.
  • Aerial (Sept 2011/Ongoing) – Trevor supported Pastor David and Steve Ovens to help develop the concept and create the promotional material for this new area-wide monthly service designed specifically for teens. We also work with the church’s youth worship team to lead the worship for this service each month.
  • Xbi Kids Club (Ongoing) – Connie has joined the team that leads this event each week, where kids ages 5 to 11 are taught from the Word in an exciting and creative way that includes singing praise songs, learning memory verses and hearing the Gospel message. Several come from unsaved families.


  • School of Worship Conferences: We’ve been asked to consider taking our UKFJ School of Worship on the road as a mini-conference to other churches (both in England and in other countries such as Norway) to further equip the leadership in the body of Christ to be true and effective ministers through praise and worship.
  • iSpeak Expansion: Pastor David has suggested expanding his iSpeak theology school for local pastors to include a School of Worship track for the worship leaders and teams from the churches whose pastors attend.
  • Souls Harbour Worship Ministry: At present, we are actively leading the worship portion of the Sunday service each week, including weekly rehearsals, etc. However, our goal is to step further into the background and play more of a support role as the team leaders develop and take over.
  • UKFJ School of Worship Vocal Training: There will be 6 students for the new term starting in January with a ministry recital planned for the spring.
  • Teen Girls Conference: We are in the planning stages of an area-wide teen girls weekend conference for 2012. The focus will be their individuality and beauty in Christ.
  • Teen Girls Devotional Bible Study Book: This is still under revision but, if possible, will be self-published in time to be provided to each girl who attends the weekend conference.
  • Pub Outreach: We are working with Pastor David to develop an outreach plan to go into the local pubs to boldly share the Gospel through music and “real life story” testimonies.
  • Global Ministry: We will continue to expand the ministry, discipleship and outreach resources available through Souls Harbour’s website. New videos are being added weekly and print material will be added as well.
  • Creation Fest: We were able to make strong ministry connections with the festival leadership in 2011. We anticipate greater involvement in future years, including the possibility of teaching worship ministry workshops.
  • International Mission Teams: We will be helping the church host 2 American missions teams this summer. They will each be coming to provide practical service help and to do community outreach and evangelism.
  • Unify the Body of Christ: God is opening some amazing doors for Pastor David and Souls Harbour to be a part of bringing the body of Christ together to have a greater impact on Cornwall.
  • Only Two Choices: We are developing a bold, online evangelistic tool to use to further spread the simple truth of the Gospel message.
  • Ongoing Projects: Of course, we must continue to be faithful and effective in all of the ongoing projects that God has already given us!


  • Monthly Support: Our monthly donations have held fairly steady thus far and cover our basic needs, which is a tremendous blessing. However, as we reach our 6-month mark, some support may be dropping off based on the completion of the 6-month commitment term.
  • Ministry Travel: Our outreach plans for 2012 include potential travel both within and outside of England. Our current monthly support is just enough to cover our basic living expenses but does not provide any extra to put toward ministry travel. Cost estimates for these activities have not yet been established.
  • Our Home: We are praying that God will provide us with a small home to rent near our current location in the heart of Camelford (within reasonable walking distance of the church, market & school). Our oneroom flat over the church there has been an incredible blessing but we will soon outgrow it as Brooklyn grows! Our current monthly support is not enough to cover this additional expense. Monthly rent for a simple 2 bedroom home in Camelford ranges from $800 to $1300.
  • Next U.S. Visit: We hope to be able to make one trip home to the U.S. each year to visit our families and provide in-person reports. We already have return tickets for 2012 (round trip tickets are much cheaper to buy), but we still need the funds to buy tickets back to England after our next visit home in 2012. A round trip is between $2800 and $3500 for the plane tickets (varies by time of year) plus an additional $500 for trains, buses, etc.
  • Publishing: We are working on some print resources that we hope to self-publish and provide to others at little or no cost.

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