If God is for Us

Wow! What an amazing few weeks we have experienced. To GOD be ALL the glory for the great things HE has done and is doing!

God has worked some incredible miracles for us, which only further confirms that He is ordering our steps and preparing the way for us on this new adventure in ministry. We are getting better at this “trust and obey” method of living and He is proving to us that it’s well worth it.

It blows my mind to realize that two weeks from today, at this time, we will be flying over an ocean toward our new home and the beginning of the next chapter of what God has called us to. If we had any smidgen of doubt about God’s hand in this, we would have plenty of reasons to be nervous and scared. But God has gone WAY out of His way to make clear our path, remove obstacles and bring confirmation after confirmation. If you read our story “Looking Back”, you already know how true that is. But even in just the last week or so, we’ve seen Him further pave the way…

  • The special laptop that Trevor needed was paid for in full. THANK YOU to those who felt the burden to meet that specific need.
  • Our one-time donations have far exceeded the level we could have ever hoped for, giving us what we need to fund our up-front expenses and put aside reserve for emergency purposes. THANK YOU so much to everyone who has blessed us in this way.
  • Our monthly support has increased to a level that is very close ($2,500) to our goal of $3,000 per month and it’s quite possible that once we apply the balance of our one-time donations across 12 months, we might reach it. THANK YOU so much to everyone who has committed to support us in this way.
  • Our UK visas were issued within 24 hours of our applications being received. We should have them in our hands by tomorrow. That is UNHEARD of and comes after “experts” warned that getting them at all could be very difficult, if not impossible. (Not for God!)
  • Our church family here at The Crossing Church gave us a heartfelt send-off this last weekend. We feel loved, appreciated and honored by all of you. THANK YOU, Pastor Randy and The Crossing Church, for the privilege of serving you for the last six years and now representing you in the mission field of the UK.
  • Our new church family in Camelford is eagerly awaiting our arrival and surprised us with a wonderful welcome video during our farewell service here this last week. THANK YOU, Pastor David Flanders and Soul’s Harbour, for allowing us to come be a part of what God is doing in Cornwall!
  • A powerful, prophetic word was spoken over us this weekend that squashed any lingering traces of fear and doubt and fully sealed the truth of God’s directive to us and His promise to provide. THANK YOU, Brother Larry, for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and willingness to be used as the Lord’s mouthpiece to His people.
  • We are experiencing random acts of kindness and generosity from people we don’t really know all that well, but who catch a glimpse of our vision and God’s hand in it. THANK YOU to our wonderful pediatric dentist, who didn’t charge us for Brooklyn’s first dental exam as her way of investing in our ministry.

I’m sure I’m leaving out a few, if not many, other amazing things that have transpired in these last few weeks. As I read and re-read over the above I feel amazed, humbled and unworthy. Yet, I know that it is only by the Lord’s hand that any of this is happening and, therefore, only He can receive the glory for it.

The next two weeks will be a blur of packing, shipping and trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with loved ones. We are not so naive to think that the road ahead will be free of bumps or unexpected twists and turns, yet we are comforted to know that God is going before us. And if God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31b)

Blessings and more to come soon…
- Connie, Trevor & Brooklyn

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