Green Means Go (June 2017)

God has called every believer to the mission field. That mission field varies for each of us. For our family, God has called us to transition out of our current everyday life and lifestyle and into full-time missions in another country and culture. It’s incredibly exciting, and just as overwhelming.

But you know that nagging feeling you get in your spirit when you KNOW that you are supposed to do something? That unrelenting tugging that just won’t go away until you do that thing? We have that. And even in the midst of the many big challenges this transition is bringing, the pull is getting stronger. It’s propelling us forward. It’s crazy-intense and at a level we’ve never experienced. In fact, we’ve even been looking carefully for an out. You know, just in case we “missed it.” But there’s not a red light to be seen… anywhere! Just more confirmation and clarity of direction. And to quote Linc as we go through an intersection or crosswalk, "Green means go!!!" This doesn’t magically dissolve the many hurdles before us, but it gives us the courage to push onward. After 20 years in ministry, you’d think that’d be easier by now. But that’s not how learning and stretching and growing works, is it?


So, as we continue forward in absolute faith, we ask you to please pray.

  • PRAY for us to continue to hear God clearly and follow Him confidently.
  • PRAY that His favor and provision will guide us in HIS perfect will and that we’ll be patient through the process and "find joy in the journey."*** (As a wise friend reminded us this week, the destination isn’t really the thing anyway. Getting there is just the beginning of our next journey of faith and on and on it goes.)
  • And finally, please PRAY about whether your mission field might include our mission field, and if helping to send us out is how you are called to “go.”


To stay connected to our family and this exciting journey of faith and ministry, click here to join our online mailing list. To partner with us financially to help make this mission possible, please click here. Even just $5 or $10 a month is a huge blessing and help to us.   (Click here for a very insightful article we found this week that helps put into perspective why missionaries must rely on financial support and why it can be so high.)


Massive thanks to those who have sown seeds of financial support and encouragement already. We have quite the journey ahead and are so grateful to have you along with us.


T minus 53 days and counting,

Trevor, Connie, Brooklyn & Lincoln Smith // UK for Jesus


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