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This is feedback from our first term of service from 2011 to 2013. This page will be updated ongoing as our ministry adventure begins anew in 2017.


Pastor David Flanders, Senior Pastor, Souls Harbour Church

As Senior Pastor of Souls Harbour Church in Camelford I feel it is important to write to you, thanking you for your support of Trevor and Connie (and of course Brooklyn).

As you know they have been with us here for just over a year and from the very outset it has been a “God thing”. Their calling from the Lord so matched our prayers and vision that it still astounds me today. We have all heard about something fitting like a glove, well, that’s exactly what the Smith’s ministry has been for our Church. Their anointed skills in music, media, technology, training and administration have brought about a huge change in our Church in a relatively short time. They have been accepted and valued by every single member of our congregation.

For me personally the change has been most welcome. As the lone staff member I had been bearing a heavy workload which often distracted me from my true calling. Since Trevor and Connie’s arrival I have been released from so many tasks that, to start with, I found it difficult to adjust! Now the transition is complete and the difference is very noticeable in the life and ministry of the Church.

More specifically we are seeing amazing changes; in our youth as they are nurtured and trained, worship has risen to a new dimension - I am confident in saying we have the best worship service in Cornwall, and the Church is growing. We are seeing new people nearly every week, not transfers from other churches, but unsaved people who are hearing what is happening among us!

Recently, exciting new opportunities for ministry have started to open up for Trevor, Connie and for us through God-ordained connections. This shows us that He is still enlarging the vision and revealing more of what He brought them to England to do.

I want to personally thank you for your generous support for the Smiths and humbly ask you to keep it up! We are in this together and the Lord is using all of us to extend His glorious Kingdom.

May the blessings that accompany faithfulness be yours,

- David Flanders

* * * * * * * * * *

Ben & Michael, Teens, Souls Harbour Youth Group

Trevor, Connie and Brooklyn have been a massive inspiration in our lives. They have taught us things we would never have known without them. Their devotion to Jesus is incredible.

Worship has improved greatly since they have been involved in our church. They have encouraged us to become more involved in all aspects of the church… They are teaching us valuable skills we will need in our walk with God.

The youth group has become stronger and more confident in their Christian faith because of what Trevor and Connie have done.

* * * * * * * * * *

Liz Walker, Local Nursery/Pre-School Teacher

It’s been great to get to know Trevor, Connie and Brooklyn over the past year – mainly because Brooklyn attends the school nursery class and so all of us staff get to see them as a family for three days a week.  This has been a real encouragement for some staff to sometimes come along to Souls Harbour on Sunday mornings, including when Trevor and Connie have been leading worship and also when Trevor has been preaching. The same applies to various church events e.g. a great ‘outreach’ barbecue, and a ladies breakfast where Connie gave her testimony so effectively.  Visitors like to know that there will be familiar, friendly faces at these kinds of events and Connie and Trevor’s Christian warmth is very attractive especially to non-believers.

Brooklyn’s birthday party at Souls Harbour Church was a great success with many nursery children and their ‘non-churched’ parents attending. This enabled them to get the ‘feel’ for going into a church building without feeling awkward and to get to know Trevor and Connie and others. I have also recently been able to suggest to some older girls at school to sign up for Connie’s latest singing lessons, which will culminate in a group performance in church during the [summer] holidays. Their families will be invited along too of course, meaning more really good contacts within the local community.

Trevor and Connie have great social skills and a gift for making people feel welcome as well as their passion for evangelism and it’s such a blessing to have them living right here in the heart of our community. There was a time when our country sent out many missionaries, some of them now historically famous, to other parts of the world. Now our godless nation, and our spiritually lost young people, desperately need missionaries to come to us - and we are so grateful for Trevor and Connie’s obedience to this calling.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mark Sayers, Elder, Souls Harbour Church

Since their arrival in Cornwall, both Trevor and Connie have been a breath of fresh air within Souls Harbour Church. Trevor immediately sorted out the problem of projecting the words onto two screens and arranged the seating of our ‘L’ shaped church so that everyone can access all the words from every seat. This was no mean feat; in fact it was easier for Arthur to pull the sword out of the stone!

Both Trevor and Connie have raised worship to another level. This has been achieved by training a team of musicians, singers, and sound technicians, combined with hard work and prayer. Connie has brought the best out of a group of girls by devoting time and energy into singing lessons. Trevor has developed drum, guitar, bass guitar and keyboard skills.

Both have had a positive impact on the church youth work. Connie organised a girls weekend where God moved in a tangible way on the lives of those who attended. They continue to develop  and foster relationships with each young person and have a gifting in mentoring and speaking into the lives of young people.

Trevor has been a blessing to the leadership team. He is committed to seeing God’s kingdom developed and expanded. He has fervently caught the vision of the church and his skill set compliments those of the leadership team.

Trevor has revamped the church website and Connie has been a blessing in the area of church administration.

I thank God for the day that both Trevor and Connie accepted God’s call to come to Cornwall.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lizzy, Teen, Souls Harbour Youth Group

It’s amazing that Connie and Trevor have come to Camelford. They have helped the church SO much in the last year in so many different ways! They have impacted and helped me alot, by helping me improve my talents, giving us all better opportunities (singing, music, recording little films, etc.) giving me advice and alot more. My singing lessons and the ‘I am amazing’ girls retreat have helped me to become much more confident! They are doing amazing things for the church and the worship has hit a whole new level of awesomeness! I really don’t think I’d be as close to God without them here, they are great examples to us and I’m really looking forward to all the plans for the future in the youth and the church.

* * * * * * * * * *

Roger Davies, Elder, Souls Harbour Church

Trevor and Connie have been such a blessing to our church, especially in the area of their gift in leading worship and in teaching and nurturing our young people, also their humble spirit of servanthood and grace has been an example to all the church, in so many ways they have added to the overall ministry of our church.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chris & Nikki Uglow, L.E.D (Schools Outreach Ministry)

It has been such a blessing and privilege to have seen the amazing transformation that Trevor, Connie and Brooklyn have brought to the church and to our lives. To see them take the worship at Souls Harbour to another level whilst teaching us the real way to engage with God as well as drawing people to meet with him through music. We have seen the youth engage with such a relevant couple whose heart to serve God is overwhelming meeting the needs of those in and out of the church.

We have also been able to work with them through the work of a Christian hip hop band L.E.D working with young people throughout the south west. They are hard working with a real gift and anointing to reach the youth and older audience where they are at.

They are sold out, inspirational family with a full on passion to do God’s work resulting in seeing many lives changed and brought into the kingdom.

We also have built up a true friendship which is built on having the same passion for God and mission to work for him however we can. They truly have been there as mentors but also good friends.

We love them and they rock!

* * * * * * * * * *

Barbara Arnott, Mum to Teens in Souls Harbour Youth Group

Trevor and Connie have made a significant impact on our youth worship team.They have grown in confidence and so they are performing at a higher level. I am a mother of two teenage boys and was struggling to get them to attend the church services. Trevor and Connie offered to train them on the sound and media for the worship teams. They are now so involved and enjoying being actively involved that it is no longer a struggle… they don’t want to miss anything! Trevor and Connie bring out the best in the youngsters. We are so blessed to have them here.

* * * * * * * * * *

Rob & Kate Allingham, Family at Souls Harbour, Elder (Rob)

It is hard to believe Trevor, Connie and Brooklyn have been with us a year already. It almost feels they have been here for ages. They seem to fit into the Souls Harbour family immediately. We have come to get to know them and their contribution is very noticeable. There is a real anointing and calling upon their life, and we have seen this flourish with their work in the praise and worship and the youth.

They have shown themselves to be great servants, never shying away to make a contribution where they can. They take to tasks eagerly but without being intrusive.  As worship leaders they play a significant part in the worship team, and have started to guide and coach our youth. It has been a real blessing to see how the youngsters are developing under their mentorship. Connie has developed a wonderful relationship with the teen girls, and they receive a lot of support from her. As a result we can see how these girls are blooming in their spiritual growth and confidence. Trevor simply did an amazing job with our website and his graphic and technical input has transformed how we do things now. Trevor also serves on the Elders team and his insight and wisdom has been a most welcoming addition to our team.

Trevor and Connie show tremendous love for God and it’s evident  in all aspects of their life. Souls Harbour feels really blessed and honoured to have such a lovely family with us.

* * * * * * * * * *

Naomi Quinn, Mum/Worship Leader/Kids Club Leader, Souls Harbour Church

Trevor and Connie coming to Camelford was an answer to prayer.

My husband and I, and our four children, have been impacted by Trevor and Connie in so many ways:

  • Their advice and tuition in helping us to lead worship more effectively and professionally.
  • Connie’s singing tuition for our daughter, Lizzy, has given her so much more confidence and such a sense of achievement. It has been wonderful to see the youngsters that have taken singing lessons blossom and join the worship teams and be used by God.
  • Training for our son, Aaron, on the sound desk.
  • The encouragement, discipleship and nurturing of the youth in the church.
  • More than anything else - the wonderful examples they are to us all.  Their dedication to God’s work and their “servant-hearts”.

They have been ready and willing to serve the church in every way possible, in very practical ways and spiritual ones, which has so blessed the church.

I feel Trevor and Connie were sent to us for this time and our church is on the verge of amazing things and Trevor and Connie are being used so effectively to prepare us for the explosion that God has promised.

* * * * * * * * * *

Katherine Smale, Worship Team Member/Kids Club Helper, Souls Harbour Church

I should just like to say how much we appreciate Connie and Trevor being here in Cornwall. They have transformed the worship at Souls Harbour Church.  Connie and Trevor’s leading of the worship is beyond our wildest dreams and we are so blessed – we have seen lots of new people coming in to the church and lives touched through their worship leading including my own. They have also trained up the young people and so we have a good team of musicians and are still working hard at this investing a lot of time and energy and we now have worship for the future.

Connie and Trevor and Brooklyn are playing a vital role in the community of Camelford, mixing with all the local people, parents and reaching out far more than anybody else I have ever known and showing love and a good example. I see so many new faces around the church at the various events, such as mums at coffee mornings, and young people at the Solid Rock Cafe, just through Connie and Trevor and their ministry and there have been and there will be many souls saved.  They invested so much time and effort to helping the young people at Souls Harbour and doing the youth ministry.

They have helped the church enormously with a fantastic web-site and media ministry and many people will come into the church through this, as well as lives being touched here and all over the world.  They have excellent organisational skills with are desperately needed here.

We simply do not have the people to cope with the amount of need here and in the church.  We need more full time workers to staff the church and we desperately need Connie and Trevor and the skills and the ministry they have and the Lord definitely sent them to England for this purpose to bring hard work and a fresh approach and meet the need.

Connie and Trevor are so hard working and humble and its hard to explain but they are so ‘different’ to anybody else and we really love and need them so for the sake of the great work that is going on here in Cornwall and England, thank you for supporting them and please continue to support them as God is doing a greater work through them than has ever been done before in this area.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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