77 Days & Counting…


Up until about a week ago, if someone asked us when we were leaving for England our answer was along these lines… “We hope by this summer. It just hinges on God providing the visas and the finances.” Personally, I think that’s a pretty good answer. First, it’s true – those are the two pieces of the puzzle that must be in place before we can hop on a plane. And second, it shows that we are trusting God to provide those two critical things. Doesn’t it…?

Well, God has been speaking some pretty specific things to our hearts lately about what it really means to step out in faith to obey Him, believing Him to provide. Here are a few Bible story classics that He has been using to challenge us on our level of faith.

  • The Israelites’ Deliverance from Egypt: As the Israelites left Egypt, the Egyptian army was soon in hot pursuit. With angry warriors behind them and the Red Sea in front of them, God’s people were backed into a corner. There was nowhere to go and only God could make the way. You probably remember what happened next: God parted the waters, the Israelites crossed safely and the raging sea destroyed Pharaoh’s army as the pathway collapsed.
  • The Israelites’ Entry into Canaan: After a failed first opportunity, then wandering in the desert for 40 years, it was finally time for God’s people to take what He had promised them. God, through Joshua, led the armies of Israel and they were victorious and able to posses the land.

At the risk of plagiary or a copyright violation of some sort (and using my very best Paul Harvey impersonation), I now ask you to consider “the rest of the story” for each of the above examples…

  • The Israelites’ Deliverance from Egypt: Notice that God didn’t part the waters ahead of time. They didn’t approach the sea with the comfort and confidence that the path was already ready and waiting. God told them to go, they obeyed, and when they came to an impasse God miraculously provided.
  • The Israelites’ Entry into Canaan: In this one, the Israelites didn’t return from their desert adventure to find the Promised Land empty and waiting for them. Nothing had changed in 40 years. The land was still full of giants and enemies who had to be defeated. They had to take action. They had to make a decision to trust that God would bring the victory, so they moved forward to posses the land. Remember the walls of Jericho? They didn’t have any understanding of how what God asked them to do would lead to victory, but they did it and the walls crumbled.

So, now comes the parallel to our present circumstances. We realized that God had asked us to do something. We have been preparing in numerous, active ways but we were leaving the “big finish” open ended. It felt safer. You know… just in case things didn’t come through, we wouldn’t be backed into a corner. Well, God convicted us about it. Basically, our faith was strong to a point, but not all the way. So, in response, we felt that God was telling us to “pick a date” and march toward it with faith that when we reach the edge of the sea (literally!), He will make a way. And when we reach the giants or the seemingly impenetrable walls, He will bring the victory.

So, June 7th is the day. That’s our target for stepping on a plane toward the next phase of God’s will for us. Will He do it? How will He do it? Well, that’s not for us to know. Our job is simply to listen and obey. As such, we press on, with 77 days to go and counting…

Blessings & more to come soon!

- Connie, Trevor & Brooklyn

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